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Landscaping Ideas for Pool Areas

You need to choose very carefully different types of plants that will go near a swimming pool or hot tub. Something attractive at 2 feet tall can grow quickly and drop leaves and debris into your pool in just a couple of years. You need to Research the best plants, shrubs, trees, and ornamentals that will survive and even thrive when planted next to a pool, and also blend in well with the rest of your landscaping. While selecting for the landscaping you should consider a few things including safety, Privacy, Landscape Designer and theme of your home, yard, and existing landscaping, Size and shape of the area to be landscaped, Balance, Proportion, unity, variety color and texture.

Succulents Near Pools -- Succulents are very popular and they can be found growing poolside, where they can be foundation plants that are evergreen sculptural in form, and hardy. The Best succulents for pool landscaping include Aeonium, Agave attenuata, Aptenia cordifolia, cotyledon, crassula and so on.

Ornamental Grasses to Plant near Pools -- low maintenance and visually striking near pools. These types of grasses are not the lawn grasses with which you may be familiar-ornamental grasses include sedges, rushes, and bamboo. You can use a few Plants near Pool include yellow foxtail grass, Giant reed, Bamboo, Fountain grass, Japanese blood grass, and Feathergrass.

Best trees to Plant near Pool - You need to carefully choose trees that will grow near a swimming pool, Keep in mind the ultimate growth height and width. While considering potential trees, look for ones they won't drop more leaves or flowers. You can arrange container gardens very beautifully depending on the time of year, occasion, etc. You can also hire a Landscape Designer to get more guidance about designing your pooling areas.